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Black Knight - Dark Velvet Stout | 33 cl | 6.2%


Black Knight - Dark Velvet Stout | 33 cl | 6.2%

  • The Black Knight is a delight for the palate with its smooth dark velvet notes of coffee, chocolate, and caramel. Light hops and a creamy mouth feel round out this complex yet extremely enticing journey to the dark side. Although a fictional and comical character in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, for us the Black Knight embodies the true essence of the “never quit” attitude. We are always on a “quest” for this inspiring quality in ourselves and others. As such, we believe we have found an excellent example of this “never quit” spirit in our own village of Eguisheim and proudly dedicate this beer to Bertrand “Bertie” Sachs. So, with that, join us in a celebration of the spirit of the Black Knight by raising your glass high and boldly embracing your own “never quit” attitude. Embrace the suck, never quit!

    Alc. Vol.: 6.2% | IBU: 35

  • Our beer is sold to local customers and is available for pickup directly at our brewery during opening hours. Deliveries can be arranged for purchases of 24 bottles or more (up to 15 kilometers)! 

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